Patrick Lux Trade fair photographer

Photography service for booth builders and exhibitors

My offer

Stand photos with which you can advertise your work

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The most beautiful project is more useful if you can show it. With all its special tricks, details and solutions, in short: everything that distinguishes your stand construction company from others. For me, cooperation begins with a personal discussion. We have to talk about what is important to you about the pictures. If you are successful with my photos, I have achieved my goal. Yours
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If you choose me, I’d like you to have a good gut feeling. My photos are always individually made and never off the peg.  

My way of working at a glance: 

My credo: Your goals come first for me. My photos should be useful to you and do not serve the self-realization of the photographer. If I can even do that, all the better.
Decency forms the basis for sustainable success. That’s why I stick to the things I do.

Nichts ist unbefriedigender als enttäuschte Erwartungen. Denn Ihr Event lässt sich nicht einfach wiederholen. Deshalb bedarf es einer professionellen Vorbereitung. Ich leite Sie durch diesen Prozess. Wir finden heraus, was Ihnen wichtig und worauf zu achten ist.

The stand photos should show your work in the best light. Because that’s not always the best thing to do at trade fairs, there are ways and means to get the most out of it. Definitely authentic, because nobody should notice that something has been done.